Antique and Vintage Furniture for Artistic, Urban Spaces

The design philosophy behind Wanderlust's selection of vintage and antique furniture is best described as bohemian industrial. Bohemian design evokes an eclectic, found-vintage style born out of artistic necessity, which is naturally married to a Midwestern industrial functionality. We love the contrast of bright colors, rich textures, and natural wood with concrete and metal. We also enjoy softening typical industrial looks with brass and copper to achieve our overall goal of creating warm, inviting spaces in an urban environment. 

At Wanderlust, you will find a mix of fine antique furniture, vintage industrial pieces, and repurposed and locally-made items. We strive to bring you high-quality, unique furniture that is well built and fits your home.

Natural Wood Finishes

"Traditional" furniture has been eschewed of late, but we believe that natural woods and dark finishes can anchor a room and add depth and character to your home. Our aim is to provide you with a selection of traditional pieces that showcase beautiful or interesting wood grain and fine craftsmanship. We are less concerned about trendy manufacturers and specific eras than we are with finding pieces that are beautiful and distinctive.

Repurposed and Painted

Sometimes a new painted finish is the best way to enhance a piece, and the pop of color will be just what your room needs. When painting, we focus on bringing sophistication to the piece: bright colors and jewel tones with dark glazes and gloss finishes. We also enjoy giving furniture a weathered, industrial look using metallics and patinas.

vintage industrial

Our focus on vintage industrial means finding pieces that are beautiful because of their simplicity of form and authentic in their functionality. The solid metal components and clever, compact design of these pieces make them a natural choice when outfitting an urban space, and they complement the bohemian sensibility inherent in our city's arts district. 

In a world of Ikea and Target pre-fab, we believe you should be able to furnish your home with something unique that fits your budget and works with what you've already got. Take a look at the furniture we have for sale