Decorating with Vintage Rattan Furniture: Don't Get Out the Orange Shag Just Yet

If you're anything like us, you weren't even around for the first wave of rattan popularity. Maybe you have a vague image in your mind of orange carpet, groovy wallpaper, and funky floral cushions on a rattan rocker. While this admittedly sounds pretty cool to vintage-lovers like ourselves, it would be a bit much for most of us to fit that look into our current living space, even if we wanted to. Thankfully, rattan furniture is making a comeback in unexpected ways, and we're seeing many people pairing rattan with neutral palettes and chic textiles to create cozy, tranquil living spaces. 

One of our favorite examples is this white vintage rattan peacock chair styled by Instagrammer Breanna (breeezillla). Her use of textiles and the organic look of the rattan chair make the space look warm and inviting, but the white keeps it on the chic side of bohemian. Breanna randomly found the chair on the side of the road on the street where she grew up, and her dad put six coats of white spray paint on it to give it its current look. Breanna says, "It's the perfect blend of my style: clean and crisp meets natural boho." 

While here at Wanderlust, we tend to go for bold colors and leave the white furniture for the farmhouses, we have to agree that it works really well in this instance. Had the chair been left in it's natural rattan state, you wouldn't get the same "tranquil retreat" vibe that you currently do, which is perfect for a bedroom.

That's not to say you can't go au natural with your rattan if you want it to work in your home. We've styled this vintage rattan chair to look feminine and cozy with pink flowers, flowing curtains, and a white sheepskin, and paired it with an end table in a natural wood finish to make it feel homey and approachable. 

Both of these looks have lots of vintage appeal without looking dated: proof that you can introduce rattan into your home without going overboard on a particular decade.

Whether you're looking for indoor sunroom furniture, or just can't resist the statement of a rattan peacock chair, our advice is to find your vintage pieces, then work with what you've got to achieve a space that is comfortable and makes you happy. (Though, we have to say that a sheepskin always makes rattan look on point, regardless of the rest of your decor.) Happy hunting!