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Cssa sex stories

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Cssa sex stories

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I hope the site survives cause it would be a sad day to lose that archive. There are over sotries, stories on there and many wonderful ones.

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We did pick up DarlordZ and Money.

But if I'm wrong, if KMB or Victoria don't chime in here and the site has really and truly been abandoned, then the domain name for c-s-s-a. It would be important to check with them and give them creidt as the writter.

Luckily I had them bookmarked a long time ago. While I didn't agree with their "No questions" policy it was and for a little while longer a great archive going back 20 years, I know I'll be saving some of my fav stories, it's just a shame I didn't get more of the TSSA archive.

I know KMB is still active as he announced his patreon on celebritystorysite, but I wouldn't know if he has actually saved all of his The Harem series, which stretches all tsories way back to the sex s. Cssa, here are two archive links to the slightly older iterations of CSSA, that could be a story hard to find through archive links themselves.

Saw this on their forums relating to TSSA's demise. There are over 10, stories on there and many wonderful ones. That's what I will miss if it goes, that archive is loaded with treasure.

What might not be the storiees idea is if people have some of those writers contact info, message them and see if they would mind if we repost some of their stories onto this site so that they live on. Save what you can, that's what I will be doing this weekend once I have more time. Basel lady seeks

I hope the site survives cause ccssa would be a sad day to lose that archive. Any of the old authors of CSSA are welcome here.

So enjoy it while you can. Regardless when it was last updated, that archive is full of treasure. MiamiLyfe wrote: You can try saving some of your favorite stories using archive.