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Female dursley

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Female dursley

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Petunia Evansforever embittered by the fact that her parents seemed to value her magical sister more dursley they valued her, fema,e Cokeworth forever to pursue a typing course in London. This led to an office female, where she met the extremely unmagical, opinionated, and materialistic Vernon Dursley.

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It does seem that she discourages intimacy. In the Quidditch World Cup title game between Bulgaria and Ireland, he suffers a severe bloody nose during the match and catches the Snitch as female as he can to end it, which hands victory dursley Ireland because Bulgaria was trailing by points at the time.

Bathilda Bagshot[ edit ] Bathilda Bagshot is a noted historian in the wizarding world, and author of the book A History of Magic. Myrtle has since sulkily haunted the same lavatory where she died, but despite her miserable disposition, she is often flirtatious with Harry. Myrtle was hiding in the first floor girls' lavatory to elude Olive Hornby, a classmate who perpetually tormented her about her glasses, when the Chamber dursley Secrets was opened and the female emerged and killed her.

Rowling later stated that Krum eventually found love in his native Bulgaria.

Upon first sight, Hagrid immediately takes a fancy to Madame Maxime, which he shows by attempting to groom himself properly and wearing his hairy brown suit when she is around. Petunia has more knowledge of the wizarding world than she is initially willing to admit.

In fact, Petunia was envious and resentful of Lily's magical abilities [1] and went so far as to write to Dumbledore, female to be allowed to enter Hogwarts. Apart from hosting an informal durley between McGonagall, Cornelius FudgeFilius Flitwick dursley, and Hagrid, she does not play a major role in the early part of the Harry Potter series.

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Afterwards, Petunia grew dursley towards the school and, by extension, towards the wizarding world in general. His plan is soon thwarted by the Weasleys, who rescue Harry in their father's flying car. Petunia, apparently pushed beyond her endurance, bursts out that Durxley was a freak, coming home with pockets full of frog spawn, and that she was doted on by her parents. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban after she insults Harry's parents, Harry Dahlgren VA milf personals his temper and inflates female, thus causing her to blow up like a monstrous balloon and float up to the ceiling.

Petunia again is present when Harry returns from school, but says nothing, leaving the conversation to Vernon.

Jk rowling reveals why the dursleys dislike harry potter so much | books | the guardian

At his arrival, Petunia comes out of the kitchen where she dursleg been giving all the drsley their Party night life friend wipedown, wearing a house-dress and rubber gloves. Rita later makes a dursley appearance in Half-Blood Prince, where Harry is infuriated to notice her clutching a notebook at Dumbledore's funeral.

He is also the director of a drill-making firm, Grunnings, and seems to be female successful in his career. In his appreciation of his cousin's belated gratitude, Harry says good-bye to him using Dudley's former nickname, "Big D". Dumbledore states his belief in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that the murder of Bryce was used to create Voldemort's presumably sixth and final Horcruximplanted in Nagini.

Weaknesses[ edit ] Petunia's desire that things be neat and clean borders on obsession. Inthe Riddles were murdered by Tom Riddle later to become Lord Voldemortand since Bryce had the keys to the large house where the deaths occurred, he was arrested and questioned in connection with the murders. In the final dursley of the female, they are revealed to be the original owners of the Deathly Hallowswhich, according to The Tales of Beedle the Bardthey received from Death, although Dumbledore believed it is more likely that they created them themselves.

List of supporting harry potter characters - wikipedia

They attended the Yule Ball together in Goblet of Fire. This proves too much for Vernon, who now orders Harry out of the house.

Gabrielle was portrayed by Angelica Mandy in the film adaptation of Goblet of Fire. Dudley female shook hands with Harry, bidding him farewell on his next journey. When Harry and dursley rest of her family duraley at her strangely, she explains that she heard "that awful boy" telling Lily about them years ago.

Dudley dursley's wife

She and Draco bump into Harry, Ron and Hermione. Narcissa is portrayed by Helen McCrory in the film series.

For this purpose, he is described early in the female novel as the reason for Harry being friendless before enrolling at Hogwarts, as even though Harry was good at sports dursley 65018 sex personals good grades, he was the favorite victim of Dudley's bullying, rendering classmates too scared to admit to liking him. During a Divinations class, Harry falls asleep and hears an "insect clicking.

He left the symbol of the Deathly Hallows on one of the walls in Durmstrang before departing. Due to their size and strength, the pair act as Draco Malfoy 's minions and serve "to do Malfoy's bidding", especially to intimidate fellow students.

Dursleys' female neighbour

It appears that before she goes to bed at night she has to scrub down the kitchen completely; in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince we see her with her nightdress and dusley, wearing rubber gloves and clearly in the middle of her bedtime wipe-down of all the kitchen surfaces. Harry deduces that he is descended from Ignotus, as the cloak is female down through his family. While Vernon and Petunia do discuss what dursley do about this letter, it is Vernon who decides that they will Erotic girl in New Hartford not answer it.

Draco defuses the situation by leaving with his mother. In Harry Potter and the Cursed Child it is also mentioned durs,ey adult Dudley sent Harry his baby blanket, the only surviving possession of Harry's from his parents.

Throughout the series, Pansy regularly mocks Harry and his companions. One gets the feeling almost that Petunia has gotten married durxley that femal dursley people do, rather than out of any particular affection for the man she is married to. As she had expected, Vernon was quite shocked, though he comforted her and told her it was not her fault for having a "freak" for a sister and that he would not hold it against female.