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Fun things to do while high

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Fun things to do while high

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You need something more. Pick a type of music that gets your foot tapping, crank up the volume, and let your body move to the beat.

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17 of the best things to do while stoned or high

As before, all whle these fun things to do while high are in no particular order and if you have any to add, leave us a comment below at the end of the list! It's probably a good idea to be at a low dose so you can just loosen up. Nuff said. Like, that one episode with the polar bears? Both of these activities require patience and mental flexibility.

The part of our brain that draws relations between ideas becomes stimulated when we're high, and music is packed with metaphors and patterns. I usually pack a t or two for the mission and relax on the water for a couple hours. A great place to take a nap under a tree or snag a photograph or two.

31+ best things to do while high & stoned - puff pass and paint

And the bonus? Find your favorite constellations, discover some new ones, or even make your own up!

You can get some air in your lungs, take in the local sights, and explore your city. Fun hivh activities For the couched stoner That Indica have you in-da-couch?! I further declare under penalty of perjury that I am not a member of law enforcement and will not divert any medicine for the purpose of any criminal investigations.

The top 40 fun things to do while high | - honest marijuana

Lay a blanket out, maybe put on some instrumental music and lay underneath the stars. Do it! Pull out a coloring book Another top favorite fun things to do while high is color. Pineapple Express 9. In fact some might be even more enjoyable because you can take things in at your own pace and thijgs enjoy your elevated experience. No, that cat hat won't make you look silly.

The warmth of the water, the steam in the bathroom — it all adds up to an overall pleasant experience. That way it's like a movie. Remember how fun wbile game is? Today it's pretty hip to play Whilf and Dragons or other role-playing games, and it's not uncommon to see members of the party loading a bowl or having a beer during the game. Play Marijuana Games Marijuana games are truly a great way to bring people together.

Creative Projects- When its time to sit down and think about how that new garden will look or how you should redecorate the living room it's often nice to do so with a t in hand. If you are having a more serious chat with a friend, then it may help for only you to be medicated so they can give more focused feedback.

TV trivia is always fun too. Pick a type of music that gets your foot tapping, crank up the volume, and let your body move to the beat. This goes along the same lines as taking a walk, but you could try some light weight lifting, biking, rowing, or anything else that you enjoy at the gym or at home that gets your heart and your muscles working. Just try not to get distracted by your reflection in the shiny surfaces or the washing will take all day.

The best things to do while stoned

Plus, museums are a great place to people watch or to explore with friends. Killing birds is not okay. Going shopping high?

If you've heavily medicated yourself, with some edibles or a massive hit from a dab rigthen there is a more limited list of options. Add in a bit of your favorite music, and the experience will be transcendent. I agree and understand that all medicine obtained is for medical use only and may not be diverted for non-medical use or for use by a non-member of the Collective. Conversation- The ancient art of a good discussion can be lively and enchanting when everyone is puffing away.

How high are you? Please understand that these are for your protection, as well as ours.

Listen to Music Turn the lights out, put your headphones on and lay on your bed and just tune into the music. Your neighborhood will never look the same again. Twister A little bit of pot will make Tihngs feel a whole lot less awkward.